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Making Mathematical Reasoning Explicit
This project is developing mathematics teacher leaders to serve as school and district-based intellectual leaders and master teachers in a set of small rural school districts in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Teachers in these underserved areas are geographically isolated and intellectually removed from colleagues in the same discipline. To counter these circumstances the team of investigators is combining in-depth mathematical content knowledge focused on reasoning, justification, and generalization of mathematical ideas, with ongoing, purposeful, supported professional development activities during the academic year. Supporting these activities is a partnership among teachers, school administrators, and higher education faculty intended to create a mechanism for sustained school change, resulting in continued improvement in teaching and student achievement.

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Project Contributions

A classroom observation rubric for mathematical justification
Posted by: Robert Ely. Our MMRE rubric, with examples, for describing mathematical justification made explicit in the classroom. The poster is included as a pdf.